The Forgotten (2004)

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Sarah and I talked about this movie on the way home, and the best we could come up with was weird.

This movie is about this mother who has lost her son in a plane crash, but can’t seem to let him go. It overwhelms her life, she is always daydreaming about him, and spending long periods of her day in his room. But then all of a sudden one day, everything changes. Her photos start disappearing and they want to lock her away in an institute, claiming that she dreamt her son up, that she had a miscarriage and that none of her memories were real.

She manages to find and convince another man that a similar thing had happened to him, and they end up on the run for their lives from the NSA and something greater than even they can imagine. If you saw the previews you know the best parts are when some human helping these two finds out too much or says too much and then all of a sudden the aliens such them off the ground into the sky. It surprises you and is always cool to watch.

This movie has a nice alien type element to it, and Julianne Moore does a nice job, but there were a bunch of little “Double Takes” that kind of break up the flow of action. From under reacting to certain events, to the end were Moore gets her son back, but then lets him play on the playground, out of sight and mind after being obsessive to have him back, that didn’t quite make sense.

So, see this movie in the cheap theaters, and it is probably a good thing that it is only an hour and a half, but I almost wouldn’t recommend it enough to rent it. Maybe watch some of it sometime at someone’s house, you know when you see a movie they rented that Friday night laying on the counter, that way you can see the cool scenes for free without having any vested interest in the plot.

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