Using the “Fit Canvas” shortcut.

As I have already mentioned, the more shortcuts you can learn as a designer and implement them into your work flow the more productive you can be.

Another one I have recently learned that really helps me along is the rotate shortcuts and the fit to All and fit to Canvas shortcuts.

In Fireworks under the modify menu there are “Fit Canvas” and “Trim Canvas” options as well as rotate options.

I have set mine to Ctrl+Alt+F to Fit Canvas, and Ctrl+Alt+T to trim canvas, the latter of which I don’t use too often.

What Fit Canvas will do is remove any part of the canvas that there are no objects on, and if part of your image is off the canvas viewing area, it will fit to that dimension too.

But I will often use the two rotate commands in conjunction with the fit Canvas command when opening, trimming, rotating, saving, and closing a file.

You too can set your own shortcuts commands and save your shortcut presets in a file by going under Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > and either Menu Commands or Tools.

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