Extreme Home Makeover

Now, I must admit, I knew of this show but never thought I would get sucked in. Tyler Penninghamingfordinski, or whatever his name is, is this hunky, goofy guy that every post college years girl dreams about. He is obnoxious, and the whole show is so abrasive, with the gay guy, gasp, that is the interior designer, and the whole other crew that continuously say throughout the show “I don’t think we’ll get this finished”.

But the idea of the show, believing that bad things can happen to people, and that some people actually deserve a better life, and that is what they get here. A Brand new house, usually knocked down and started from scratch. I don’t know why they don’t just do that, what the having the frame of the house actually saves them. It gives people a burden free gift, unlike winning the lottery, this is an investment that is hard to screw up and to watch how happy some of the folks, granted sometimes forced, can really be a much more worthwhile hour of TV than CSI violence, or idiotic comedy of Malcolm in the middle. (I just happen to love CSI, but you know what I mean.)

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