Steve McNiven and Warren Ellis on Ultimate Universe

I read the other day that one of my new favorite artists, Steve McNiven, would be teaming up with a Warren Ellis and getting to play in the Marvel Ultimate Universe with a book entitled "Ultimate Nightmare".

(Steve McNiven started out about 4 years ago at the promising Crossgen Comics which recently has gone into bankruptcy.)

Also, I continue to look forward to November and the Mid Ohio-Con to see if I can get a sketch from Adam Hughes, famous cheesecake pinups cover artist of books like Wonder Woman and Tomb Raider. I am part of a yahoo group dedicated to him and it seems as if many others are unfortunately thinking the same thing. Last year was the first year that he was invited to be a part of that con, and it was the first one I had been to.

I think that my chances were better then, because there were less that knew about his attendance. I think that I will have to get up at just after 5 in Columbus to get into the line far enough to have a chance to get on his sketch list.

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