Upcoming Comic Based Movies for 2004

I was checking online today on one of my favorite sites for comic news, comicscontinuum.com and came across some photos for the Fantastic Four movie that is supposed to be coming out next July.

Now, even though I am a comic freak, I am a purest, and do believe in making good movies, not movies just because the characters are well known to make a buck. Doing that damages the public perception of the characters and comics in general as a visual storytelling medium.

That is why, giving credit to Sam Raimi’s amazing treatment of Spiderman I have to say that most comic directors could learn so much from Bryan Singer, who has directed the X-Men films. He is a true director. He seems things from a real perspective, has such a attention to detail, and makes these characters relatable and believable, which you cannot put a price on.

I won’t pass judgment on the Fantastic Four movie, but I must say looking at the costumes and looking at the talent, it looks like a “bang for the buck” kind of movie. Jessica Alba is Sue Storm, who is hot, but if that is all the movie has, then sad is hardly the appropriate word.

I recently saw the trailer for Sin City that aired at the San Diego comic con. Oy!

I am an artist, and am all for staying true to the work, but like I say to all you book lovers out there, suck it up or shut up! A book is a different medium than a movie. Although I don’t prefer books, I don’t say, “oh, the book just wasn’t as good as the movie.” The different tools you have for each medium do not translate back and forth.

Frank Miller is working closely to develop Sin City which looks like a damn comic book. It’s overly stylized, and I believe, judging by the precise replica of the scenes in the comic that this movie will flop, only appealing to fan boys.

An artist gets too close to his work, and can’t see that it is a life of it’s own and can be shaped into any number of things. So, enough about this rant. I hope both of those movies are good, because we are getting to a point of obnoxiousness.

It was about this time ten years ago when Super Hero films were more prevalent, but there was no heed of quality vs. quantity, and then Batman and Robin came out. I love Batman, and will give most films a break. But Joel Shumacher, he must live is life in one fruity little shoe. Signaling the downfall of public opinion, we are just now getting good stores back.

Beware, all of you Catwoman’s and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, don’t hurt us all for a quick fix to your money addiction.

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