Cast Away (2000)

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I cannot remember a movie that Tom Hanks has done that I didn’t love. I saw Cast Away soon after it came out, and thought,
cool movie, but probably won’t ever watch it again.

Tom Hanks get stranded on a desert island after his plane crashes into the ocean. He is left for dead, and seems to not be able to survive. But after four years, he is still hanging on and with his volleyball named Wilson, he makes one last effort to try to find help.

The thing about this movie, other than the turmoil that Tom Hanks overcomes, physically and mentally, is that it is a whole movie
of him, alone, on an island. 90% of the movie is just with Tom Hanks, and he carries the weight incredibly and convincingly. He makes you believe that he is stranded and at wit’s end. And then there is Helen Hunt. The pain you sense between the two characters when they finally meet again. (Helen Hunt is his fiancee) She always plays very powerful parts, and this one is no different. A sad, but very powerful movie.

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