Catwoman (2004)

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I knew as soon as previews came out for this movie that I would have to see it for cheap because even the trailers made it
look stupid. But in some respects, you have gotta give this movie props for making it through 10 years of cast and directorial changes, out of development hell to the big screen.

I think though that was kind of the point. The audience after Batman Returns has long since past. This movie wasn’t poorly made, just got lost for maybe a thought originally to cash in on the popularity of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

It didn’t suffer from bad dialogue, but almost worst, just a really stupid plot. A cat breathes on Halle Berry and she has magical
powers. I asked myself, is that so much different than a radioactive spider? Yes, at least that is a little believable. Halle Berry
looks painted gold and walks like a robot most of the movie, and the action sequences which are nicely envisioned are so choppy it is hard to follow.

Either way, I didn’t expect much and I got what I expected.

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