Christopher Reeve (1952-2004)

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They say that death comes in three. But it seems to usually skip the entertainment history, depending on your opinion of a star.

I didn’t really know Christopher Reeve, at least not beyond his accident in 1995 when he fell off a horse and was permanently paralyzed. I have seen parts of the Superman movies he did, and I think that if I had seen them at the time I would have more of an appreciation for

But like Michael Keaton’s Batman, Reeve seemed too small to play Superman, but at least Keaton brought the correct intensity and understanding into Batman’s psyche, where Reeve just seemed to play the stupid Clark Kent very well.

Gracious with his unlucky hand, he never seemed to complain whenever I saw him on TV, and I give him credit. He was probably tired and he finally gets a much deserved rest.

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