Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)

Sky CaptainFour Stars

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t like this movie just a little, and the fact was that I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.

It’s a movie with the classic “movie picture” kind of feel with old 50’s clothing, architecture and automobiles. Then you put that against a landscape of modern technology, robots, planes with gadgetry that would make Batman jealous, and dinosaur type animals and you have this great blend of the two.

Now, the naysayers of this film think it is stupid, probably for it’s plot. But I say this. It feels like what most people have for a stereotype of a 50’s movie. Things are a little “golly gee” and even the violence is hinted at but rarely shown, but you know that up front, so you shouldn’t expect some great in depth plot other than a mad scientist bent on cleansing the world and
starting anew in outer space.

It has this filtered look, glowing lights, rich slick colors that are never bright but are textured, and it has vision for design and pushing what a modern movie of real life actors and completely created scenery can be. There may be times where you say, gosh that looks a little unreal, but then for every “American Pie” and “Mean Girls” teenie movies that rely completely on the same concepts of sex and discovering, you have a movie that never existed.

You had some individuals that had to think of such a grand movie and then have the perseverance to give it life. You have got to respect that, and you have to expand you mind. See this movie and see what a different idea of a totally CG movie can be apart from the Matrix and the Star Wars movies.

Only turned into Hollywood mush for a brief scene that doesn’t interrupt the main plot line, you have quirky relatable characters that you can empathize with, and you have a great original story, which really isn’t too common anymore.

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