Spiderman 2 (2004)

Spiderman 2Five Stars

This blog just missed me singing the praises of this movie when it first came out, so on top of every other reason, it was one more excuse to go and see it again now that it was at the cheap theaters this past Tuesday.

Here’s my thing with this movie, and most people can empathize with this.

Most people read books, and some people have characters that they love, whether it be from old TV shows like Mission Impossible, or cartoons like Scooby Doo, and there is nothing more thrilling to see these characters come to life on the big screen.

Comic books are looked down on for whatever reason, but they are basically books with pictures, and the characters are very dense with back story.

So when a comic themed movie that comes out like this one, you have to stand up and take notice, and here is why.

1. Realistic translation of the characters – You go to a movie to suspend some belief, and this is grounded just enough in reality to possibly be real.

2. Groundbreaking special effects – Seriously, when will you ever see the context for a guy swinging around those breath taking cityscape scenes, or the fights between Spidey and Doc. Ock on the train and building facades?

3. Relatable characters – This is especially true to the comic as Spiderman is a kid, who is just trying to make it by, that has this incredible weight of life to balance with everything. This movie has desire, struggle, inner demons and really makes you feel for Peter Parker.

4. Respect to the books – My problem with the first movie was that it was dumbed down, even past the necessary introduction to the characters to have painfully forced “moments” between Peter and Mary Jane and kind of cheesy dialogue that you can only assume was there because they were trying to appeal to a tag younger teenie audience. (To the disagreement of Chip Cullen, Jerry Davidson, and Avi Shertok, sorry guys). This time round, the dialogue was natural, it was a good translation of the character of Doc. Ock, and the action / violence didn’t seem as watered down.

So, I loved it, you can tell. It is not just because it is a comic book movie. Actually, some of the movies I hate the most are comic book movies, because they are that kind of “supernatural” experience that can flop even worse in a big screen translation.

There have been only four really solid Comic book movies ever in my opinion. First there was Batman, then Batman Returns (Michael Keaton’s tortured Bruce Wayne was prefect, silent, violent, and efficient), X-Men 2 for many of the same reasons as Spiderman 2 but even more so, and now…

Spiderman 2.

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Where to start with this one…

I can honestly say this is one movie that I will never get tired of watching. Although I have not added it to my collection I feel that it is a must have. Having grown up watching Batman, Spiderman, and The Super Friends this movie brought back some found memories.

Whatever your motivation for seeing this movie; special effects, comic book lover, movie junkie you will not be disappointed.


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I didn”t go see this in the movie theater and waited to watch it with my boyfriend at home. True I wasn”t a fan of the first installment, but I thought I would give the 2nd one a chance. Okay, so someone tell me what happened, I feel asleep trying to watch it three times.

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