The Terminal(2004)

Rothe Blog The TerminalFour and a Half Stars

Another Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks Triumph. Tom Hanks yet again carried this movie, making it interesting from the start to the end.

Tom plays Victor Navorski, a mild manner, genuinely nice guy whose country is in shambles after he makes the trip to America and is “forced” to live out of an airport in New York. A funny and touching movie, you laugh when Tom is having dinner with Catherine Zeta Jones and his Indian friend is juggling plates in the background, and you cry when he finally reveals what is in his Planters peanut jar and the “promise” that drove this trip to America and kept him going during nine months of life in an airport.

Only turned into Hollywood mush for a brief scene that doesn’t interrupt the main plot line, you have quirky relatable characters that you can empathize with, and you have a great original story, which really isn’t too common anymore.

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