Crossgen Entertainment is officially finished.

I read online last night that Disney of all people bought the publishing rights to all of Crossgen’s characters, including all of their characters that are in development for movie treatments.

Crossgen busted out of the gates five years ago with a fresh approach, a slew of books, and a solid base of creators looking to take on the big guns. They expanded quickly over the coming years and attracted more and more talent. But the books were fantasy in nature all based around this “sigil” symbol that gave it’s wearers unique powers. You know, swords and swashbuckling types of books, which really isn’t what I was into so I probably didn’t help their cause much. I did read Sojurn for awhile, which is where Greg Land really blossomed into the hot talent he is today.

But about a year ago the publisher quietly stop putting out books and we started to see their creators pop up back at DC and Marvel. Word later was that they had run out of money and were bankrupt.

So, farewell to them. Another sad story on the war ridden roads of the comic industry. Maybe someday we’ll see another publisher make it for an extended period of time, but for now I would say, probably not.

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