Identity Crisis 6 escalates to the seventh and final issue.

The story continues. I give this issue a 3.5 of 5 stars. The art still isn’t all that great, minus the Michael Turner covers, but the thing with great stories is that the art can sometimes take a back seat for necessity. You would prefer the stories to come out on a regular monthly basis then to be delayed for a long time because of great art. Those long pauses can kill a good story.

So we start off seeing some iconic imagery with Robin kneeling over his dead father which carries over to visions of Bruce Wayne over his dead father. Then more discoveries are made about the murders. Flash keeps pressing Green Arrow for answers about who else he and the other JLA members had brainwashed with the help of Zatanna. During the fight in the last issue with Deathstroke, Flash had seen visions from Dr. Light of the members that were present when they had during the brainwashing.

Green Arrow had only mentioned seven, but in the vision Batman was there. He is reluctant to tell Flash what happened but when he threatens to go off and talk to Batman, GA tells him that there was a second vote that night on what to do. The crap hits the fan. The other member had voted to take Batman’s memories too.

He had taken care of Sue Dibney but he came back in the middle of the brainwashing and went byserko, obviously, it’s Batman. They voted to take his memory of the event, knowing it was the only solution from breaking up the league permanently.

At the end, we are left with a cliffhanger. During Sue Dibney’s autopsy, it was found that she was already dead before she was burned horribly on one side of her body. Well, as they look closer it seems she died of a blockage of blood to her brain. That is why none of the league members could figure out how someone broke the defenses, the intruder was but the size of a molecule. And that man was small enough to stand on Sue’s brain and block the bloodstream.

That man is Captain Atom, and we have to wait until next month to find out what happens.

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