I, Robot (2004)

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I have seen a good deal of Will Smith movies. I think I have seen just about every movie he has made, and I followed him even before that as the snappy remark kid from Philly in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. But Will’s act has gotten tired specifically recently in “Men in Black 2” as the leading actor that says the right sarcastic thing at the right time.

But Will’s character was just enough different in this movie to be refreshing but to have the remaining qualities of why I tend to like Will Smith movies, action and a huge superstar hero that is larger than life.

This movie has the perfect use of special effects. It didn’t seem over the top, they created this great alter reality in the future but used a nice blend of real scenes and regular old sets and things. The best quality of the movie was that I never had to second guess a thing. I never got bored, I never said “that looks funny” or anything. It was just seamless, and it even passed the Sarah test which means she didn’t fall asleep. She has been doing that in every movie.

There is one part where he is in the tunnel in a car where the robots come in droves to attack him and when the carrier flips and explodes it looks a little fake, and I think that they don’t totally explain why it seems he has had time off from the police force. They don’t really specify if the accident that happens to Smith has just taken place or if it was a long time ago. But that is me being particularly picky.

You need to see this movie. You need to see that droves of robots attack and go “Holy Crap!”. You need to see a nice sparing use of dramatic slow mo to intensify the action scenes. You need to sit back and enjoy this one.

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