Man on Fire (2004)

Rothe Blog Man FireThree and a Half Stars

Denzel Washington is a tortured soul, and ex Marine with a drinking problem. Isn’t that how every one of his movies starts out now? No reason to live, down on his luck, with some sort of drug problem? But I knew that going in, and I rented it anyway.

Denzel is the bodyguard of a little girl for an American Woman and her Spanish husband in Mexico City, the child kidnapping center USA. He resists at first, but soon falls in love with the little girl just in time to have her kidnapped. Shot four times, he still comes back in Denzel style, bleeding but so dang thick, you can’t stop that big ol bear.

He then hunts down and tortures one by one each member that was involved in the kidnapping to end it once and for all. Pretty straightforward and brutal, but that dark part of me loves that revenge. These scum bags kidnapped a little girl, what would you do? It leads him to quite a chain of corruption that ends up back in the family but in the end the girl gets saved, and Denzel dies, fulfilled in life.

Feeling like violence, and vengeance, with quite the stylizing cinematics, check this out. Not for the faint of heart, one guy gets his finger chopped off.

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