Welcome to Mooseport (2004)

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The previews for this movie weren’t flattering, but it ended up being different then I expected. I thought it was going to be some bad acting by Ray Romano, some believable transition to the big screen but something that didn’t do him justice, and I figured it was going to be based around how podunk and silly this little town was that he lived in.

In the end, it was amusing. Romano ends up running against the former president of the United States all to win a girl’s heart that he was too dense to propose to for over six years. “Everybody Still Loves Raymond” and Romano is consistently winning in the polls, but in the end, he doesn’t win. But the moral of the story is he is honest, awww.

For those of you who love “Raymond” because of it’s crazy situations, dysfunctional family matters, and relatable situations, this doesn’t’ have any of that. It does have Romano’s trademark “wandering speak” type of humor. Instead of “Ray’s” hornball husband personality, in this movie, he is honest and fair and never has done anything wrong or told a lie. Kind of unbelievable. But it is funny to see Romano get hit with a golf ball, so at least rent it for that.

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