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Now, to contrast The Simpsons, The Desperate Housewives is a whole different monster.

I will admit that I checked this show out on a recommendation from a friend because of all of the attractive women. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t think that any of them were all “that” and the show was so freakin stupid, I understand why the American public likes a show like this.

I don’t know exactly what the basic premise of the show is other then exactly what the title says. It is four women who are either married, separated, or single and their escapades in landing men from the same pool around the block.

I used to have a real thing for Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane on Superman, but that was a long time ago. I could hardly look past the stupid narration that carries over throughout the show, a “inside” look of sorts into what each of the women is thinking. Duh. It needs narration to explain the plot as much as 90210 or Melrose Place did.

Here is my suggestion judging from the cross section of popular shows right now. Maybe throw in a gay home decorator that likes to hug people to play the devil’s advocate for one of the women and keeps the house on the side. Maybe make some of the women eat hagus with dead flies wrapped in a skin casing as a contest to win one of the men. Or, change one of the girls into a really smart forensics / doctoral type that keeps trying to diagnosis the other characters, or wanders aimlessly through the plots investigating animals murders.

But it is a successful show, and probably be for the standard smut show lifetime of 4-6 years, so until then, everyone will have to deal.

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