Return to Paradise (1998)

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By virtue that this movie had an Elvis faced young Vince Vaughn I gave this movie a whirl. I actually came in to watch the second half of the movie, Sarah had some time to start it and I walked in when things were just getting interesting. But that was just it, they were a little more interesting second half.

The movie revolves around three friends that go to Malaysia to party one summer before going into the working world. They indulge themselves fully, including over 100 kilos of weed and have a great time until the money runs out. Then one day two friends leave and the other one stays and that same day, the police come, take away the third friend and lock him up for two years for drug trafficking. The amount of weed he had was just enough to receive a status, unless the other two friends (one is Vaughn) come back a claim some responsibility.

Malaysia had stricter laws on drugs, and that is interesting, but that is where the cool stuff stops. The first half of the movie involves this twisted budding romance between Vaughn and Anne Heche. It is this kind of love hate thing to begin with, but it gets old and ridiculous really quickly. Then, like I said, Vaughn resolves to return to Malaysia, the other friend gets hung for trafficking drugs anyway, and then the movie ends with Vaughn in jail and you saying, what the heck!

Don’t see this movie, unless you are in love with Vince Vaughn or for some bizarre reason, Joaquin Pheonix who is the friend that is imprisoned for two years.

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