Collateral (2004)

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Christine Mulligan said that she felt not scared of Tom Cruise in this movie, that he wasn’t the least bit intimidating. That didn’t scare me off from seeing this movie, but after I watched it through for the second time, I would have to say that I agree with her.

Collateral is about Vincent(Tom Cruise) who is a hitman that visits LA to kill five men in the course of one night and Max(Jamie Foxx) is the unlucky cab driver that he randomly picks to be his escort. Max is kind of a timid but strong man, and Foxx does a nice job showing this transformation of a regular human being trying to do the right thing who is pushed too far.

Being a guy, there are some really awesome action scenes, and you root Cruise on in some of his viciousness, but really until the last fourth of the movie, I just felt like it was Tom Cruise running around in makeup, shooting people. But the high paced ending chase scene between Cruise and Foxx with Jada Pinkett Smith is intense and enveloping. You can’t predict what happens, and in the end you are convinced that Tom Cruise is bad to the bone just as he dies.

Like Tom Cruise? You will like this. Like a strong resolve in your main characters, this is a good movie for you too. But if you like movies that are filmed a little more traditional, I wouldn’t recommend this. Michael Mann gives this movie at times a documentary feel with its close-up jittery camera shots that can be a little distracting. But it wasn’t a bad movie, and you can laugh your butt off at Jada Pinkett running around on a tile floor in high heels.

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