Empire (2002)

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Starring John Leguizamo and Peter Sarsgaad, yeah I have never heard of the second guy either, this movie revolves around Money, plain and simple. John is a drug lord in the Bronx who tries to get into big business with a Wall Street Jockey, investing in property developments.

This movie was not at all what I was expecting. The movie centered a lot around territory and respect, and less around what should have been the main story, John getting taken for a ride and scammed out of almost two million dollars.

It does point out a good lesson though, as John got more involved with the new people he thought were his friends, he had less time and cared for less those who had supported him and had his back all along. Then when the time came, a line was drawn in the sand and some stayed and some left all over money and its pursuit.

I think that you kind of have to like John Leguizamo. So if you like his movies, this should be up your alley. But is really heavy on the language, and does get to be a little long. But like I said, it has some good lessons on how money can destroy your life, and how you can never escape your past and the things you did.

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