Phone Booth (2002)

Rothe Blog Phone BoothThree and a Half Stars

This movie’s premise is fairly simple. Starring Colin Farrell as a New York publicist that doesn’t give a hoot about anyone, it’s a movie about the deep secrets and evils people hold in, and what truly motivates a person.

Farrell has a cell phone, but he goes everyday to this one remaining phone booth to make a call to a girl that he wants to have an affair with. While in the booth he gets a call and things quickly swirl out of hand. It seems that there is a sniper that knows a good deal about Farrell and his discretions and starts giving him orders on guard of his life.

The whole movie is very high tension, and you never know where or what is going to happen. I wasn’t personally crazy about how the movie was shot, or the director who I just loathe, Joel Schumaker. If you like Colin, this role is a little bit out of the ordinary for him, because he is extremely humbled and forced to confess his deepest secrets in front of the world. But if you like movies that are different, and can ignore the incessant language from the hookers and Farrell, this one may be right up your alley.

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