Wimbledon (2004)

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It’s a girlie movie, but it had Kirsten Dunst, who can be aggressive than giglish and it also had some of the filmography effects that are used in the popular CSI shows which made the fact that it was about tennis a little more interesting.

Paul Bettany is the male lead, star from Russell Crowe movies “Beautiful Mind” and “Master and Commander”, and is funny as much as the next English guy who uses all of their unusual slang, like “Bugga” or “Wanka”. He does a nice job in the lead role though and carries this movie enough. He really does show what the reaction is from the media to go from being unknown to being the underdog that does all the way to the top. He also does a really nice job of giving you a view into a competitors mind and all of the things they do to keep themselves in a game. All of the self massaging and self doubts that swirl around in an athlete’s head.

Paul falls in love with Kirsten, and in the beginning she is hot stuff and he is not quite. By the end, the tables have turned, and that makes loving each other complicated. But they work it out and have babies. Yeah tennis.

If you like the slow more shots, and the intertwining of objects in the scene shots that are similar to CSI then check this movie out. If you like British comedy like Monty Python, well this isn’t the same but is entertaining for British demeanor and language, then this might be worthwhile. But if you think that no amount of dramatization could make tennis interesting, then you might pass because especially near the end, there are some longer scenes of tennis that you really have to like the sport a little to care. Which I happen to like the sport quite a bit, so that wasn’t a quandary for me eh?

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