Chapman girls come to visit Pt. 2

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Rothe Blog Chapman Girls Visit 2

More photos from the weekend with the Chapieman goils. We hung out at the mall to get out and stretch our legs a little on Sunday before watching the embarrassment that was the Colts season ending loss.

The top photo is right down by the circle with the monument, I was taking a “Making of the photo, photo”. Sarah took Brenda’s photo in front of the Bad *ss restaurant, that has created some stir in Indianapolis for it’s interesting name.

The second photo is in a store that sold 8ft’ in diameter bean bags, but they felt more like one of those squishy pillows underneath so soft and soooo comfortable. Too bad with a nice cover they can run you as much as like $600 for a bean bag. For that much money, a sac of beans had better make me a steak and massage my tushocks as well.

The bottom photo is just the old prosperity one, nothing original.

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