Mr. Do! – Best revision on Pac-man?

The blog has always been about my interest, so I thought tonight maybe I would share what has been my release for the last two weeks, in the form of old stand alone arcade games. Here are some screenshots of “Mr. Do” which I happen to love, even though I haven’t found anyone else that feels that way.

It is kind of like Pac-man with a weapon and the opportunity for extra lives. I feel like I have more control on if I get to the next level instead of strictly basing it off whether I make the lucky turn or not to avoid the bad guy.

Mr. Do diggs around the board collecting Cherries and has a ball you can throw and explode the bad guys. Then if you get the “Magic Food” for the level, out come three cookie monster looking guys who are followed by a letter on legs. Trippy, I know. But you shoot the letter and eventually if you get all five to spell Extra, then you get an extra life and continue your game.

Click on the thumbnails below of Mr. Do screenshots to see larger photos.

Mr. Do Video Game Screenshot 1 Mr. Do Video Game Screenshot 2

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