After the Sunset (2004)

Rothe Blog After SunsetThree and a Half Stars

I liked this movie. It was entertaining. It was probably recycled from a bunch of movies about great thief / cop stories, but who better to play the two antagonizing roles then Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan.

Also starring the gorgeous Salma Hayek, this movie is about Brosnan, who is a huge jewel thief and Harrelson who is an FBI agent. Brosnan steals one of the Napolean diamonds right out from underneath Harrelson’s nose, in what is a great fun action sequence involving Brosnan driving an SUV through metropolitan streets with a remote control, and that furthers a great rivalry of hate and love.

Brosnan escapes with his partner, Hayek, to a remote island where they retire. Until Harrelson tracks them down seven years later. Brosnan finds out about another Napolean diamond on a cruise ship that is stopping at his island for a week and Harrelson is trying to stop him. A ton of funny scenes and great interaction from the always funny Harrelson and Brosnan, in the end after a lot of backstabbing, they both get what they want.

If you like Pierce or Woody, or like to laugh, see this movie. If you get hung up on originality or get offended by lots of skin by beautiful women, then pass. But I think it is always worth it to see the crazy ideas and technology that is involved in some of these jewel heists.

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