Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle (2004)

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I tend to like these type of silly movies. College aged movies that are silly and a little grotesque in humor. But this was pretty stupid even for my standards. I was hoping for a level of funny silliness like “Dude, where’s my car?” but no such luck.

Harold and Kumar have limited small character fame as “That Indian Guy” from Van Wilder and “The Asian guy who invented MILF” from the American Pie movies.

They are both at college, looking for some fun, and after smoking up determine they need some White Castle and all sorts of random things happen. But even though I can take random, like a “Road Trip” or “Eurotrip” movie, but this didn’t even make sense.

It was bad enough to not even barely write a review. I laughed a couple of times, but that was it. And even though I didn’t find a movie like Dodgeball funny, I could appreciate it. This, just sucked. Don’t see it.

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This is definately a case of “different strokes, for different folks”.

I actually watched this movie 3 days in a row. I couldn”t stop laughing and could totally relate to “the having a craving must have it now” mentality. Why? Because we don”t have White Castle in Grand Rapids, MI, the closest one is in Gary, IN.

So on night in August, a friend and I actually drove all the way to Gary, IN for White Castle, but not after getting lost at 1:30 am on the wrong side of Chicago running on fumes because we couldn”t find an open gas station… Then what did we find, but an all night White Castle with gas station. So yes, I can relate …. 🙂

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