Silverado (1985)

SilveradoTwo Stars

Christine let us borrow this movie with “Quick and the Dead” a couple of weekends ago. It only took four settings to watch it. I kept falling asleep.

I didn’t really like this one all that much. It has a good cast, Danny Glover, Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, and Kevin Costner all in their younger days. A typical western, Silverado is about these four guys that kind of come together under strange little town and run all of the bad guys, and I mean a ton of ornery lookin varmits, out of town in one huge gunfight.

I think maybe the fact that I kept snoozin through the movie made it a little more disjointed. I liked seeing Kevin Costner as this young hip gunslinger with no brian and no fear. Kevin Kline was cool too as a wise and fast gunman, but he didn’t have very good taste in women in this movie. But you never really learn why the town is corrupted. You hear all these mentions of past story lines and past lives with some of the main characters and some of the bad guys in town, but they never really get explained.

If you are looking for some fun gun fights and really like one of these actors, see this movie, it doesn’t fall down from bad acting. But if you want to stay interested, I would pass on this movie. Especially since it is older the cinematographer is a little dull.

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