Dreamwave Productions closes its doors.

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This is another article that I was late on.

In early January of this year, Dreamwave Productions closed it’s doors for operation. There isn’t a lot to be had on this subject, other than the official posting, but if I would have to guess I would say that licensing killed them.

Co-Founded by Pat Lee, I can still remember just over four years ago when he did the pin-up of the Transformers in Wizard magazine. How that really grabbed everyone. Including Hasbro. He won the licensing rights, and away they went, taking the industry by storm. Topping the sales charts. Everyone wanted Transformers books in that nostalgia craze. But that has since subsided. The books were never very well written, and that is why good art never replaced the story, especially when Pat Lee stop drawing after the first couple of series. In such a short time he because my definitive artist for them, and I didn’t care to see anyone else draw the books.

Too many are going down. Who will be the next great casuality?

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