Blade Runner (1982)

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Oy, this movie. Jeeze. How stupid.

The only reason I didn’t give it a half star, was that Christine said that this movie was enormously popular when it came out, and it was cool too.

I can imagine, and that is about all I can do.

A Ridley Scott film, starring Harrison Ford, this movie is about Harrison, who is this cop guy, set in the future that kills these things called “Replicants” or fake humans. The Replicants were used for slave labor on other planets before they because too smart and started causing trouble. Well, the whole movie kind of revolves around, “If one of these replicants wanted to live beyond its set lifespan, what would it do?”

Anticlimatic, hard to empathize, really really dated story and effects, and a really stupid ending, I can’t think of one reason to recommend this movie. I just hope some more people will leave comments and bash it a little.

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Had to watch this movie after reading the book about it in college (coolest class ever) and having had to analyze the book first the movie mad a hell of a lot more sense.

I think the fact this movie comes off as silly or stupid just goes to show how placated the american audience has become. There are just too many layers in this movie to casually watch it and you should read up on it before viewing.

Most people would see that as annoying and cumberson for a movie, but it just isn”t a sit and be entertained movie. I recommend reading the philosophies behind this movie before watching it. That being said, the book projects a better picture than the movie. Convoluted is an adequate word for it.

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I have to disagree with points on both… I LOVED this movie. Of course, I was breast-fed on Star Trek (the original series) and all things sci-fi and horror. So maybe that had something to do with why I love this movie. (And the fact that Rutger Hauer was *extremely* hot in his youth…Harrison Ford has nothing on him, save he aged better!)

To rebuff Nathan up there, I’m born-and-raised American. So I don’t think sticking *everyone* in the “American audience is placated..” genre is quite fair; and I definitely sat, and was very much entertained. Every time I see it I am entertained. Which has been, to date, about 5 times.

I had no idea there was a book – I usually love the books more than the movies (my only exception has been Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” – the book sucked total ass) so I’ll have to find it and pick it up.

But I adore this movie – one of my all-time favorites. (But my husband did fall asleep when I made him watch it – but then again, he though”the 40-year-old Virgin” was the funniest thing ever made. To each his own, I say!)

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