The Incredibles (2004)

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I saw the previews for this last year, and I remember thinking, “The previews for these Pixar films haven’t been good for a couple of movies now.”

The humor in the preview was more situational, and I wasn’t laughing out loud.

But when it came to the movie, that all changed. As you can see, I gave this my highest rating. This movie was hilarious. Situational and traditional humor. I love it’s subtle commentary on marriage and the daily grind. But this is just a start. This movie’s richness just keeps going from there.

If you thought Nemo was spellbinding how realistic it was, here is my argument. Wow, realistic and pretty. But really, I want to be taken away to a world of many different textures and colors that is created, and not based on reality. A fantasy world. This it, and brings it good.

Granted, I had like no expectations for the movie, but what an adventure. From start to beginning I was riveted and entertained. I never had to think once, everything made sense, and it was just so entertaining, and beautiful. So beautiful, from the glass and mirrored surfaces, to the jungles and trees, to the grandiose rockets and designed battle fortresses, to the water, everything was so amazing. The design of all the sets and characters and the sequences, I could go on and on, and get lost in adjectives about great this movie is. Even the retro final scenes with the flat graphics with how colorful and inventive, down to the last drop this movie excelled.

See it. If you don’t like it, you stink. I am not biased here because this is super hero based, this movie is just amazing and is Pixar’s best movie to date.

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