Coach Carter(2005)

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I was nervous about this movie, thinking it was by Disney. But instead it was an MTV movie, and I don’t think there have been too many of those that I haven’t liked.

Samuel Jackson is a business owner, former basketball star of this town in California. He is offered to run the basketball program at a rough high school, and he accepts. With an iron fist, he brings attitude and discipline to a program that has none, and teaches these kids how to focus and how to win.

That is the happy go lucky stuff. The part of the movie that really resonated with me, was Jackson’s perseverance to have the kids reach academic excellence. He asked for updates from all of their teachers, visited them in their classes, and would track them down in the halls. When they were failing, he locked them out of the court because education was more important than basketball. In the end, he quit, broken by a system that was training the kids to fail by dismal benchmarks and terrible standards.

He stood up to parents that are stereotypical lazy in today’s society, and I thought that was awesome.

So, like Samuel Jackson? There are plenty of saying that are all his in this movie. Like sports, action, and attitude, this might be a good one to see with a Disney -esq story at the core. My main gripe with the movie was the slow motion to “increase” a dramatic effect, which I think is highly unoriginal and was overused. Can’t relate to a bunch of kids from the streets, then maybe this isn’t for you.

But it is a great story, one that most people could empathize in some facet.

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