Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

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I got to borrow this movie for free, and I enjoyed it the first time, so why not jog my memory.

A fun movie with a ton of people in it, this is a remake of some really, unimportant original from back in the day. I am sure that this is much better.

Basically, Nicolas Cage is an expert car thief, and when his little brother’s life is threatened, he comes out of retirement to lead his band of rag tags to one last amazing heist. A Jerry Bruckheimer film, that also stars Robert Duvall and Angelina Jolie, it is fun and if you are into cars, this is like a fantasy.

But most of that stuff is lost on me, except for the 1967 Shelby GT. That is a pretty amazing car for how old it is.

So, if you like Nicolas Cage, he is funny, and this has some good action, including a scene where Cage flies Evil Kenievel style over a string of 15 cars. If you aren’t into the most engaging or original dialogue, this won’t have it. There are some hokey moments. But slow motion, big explosions, and mass appeal, all in Bruckheimer style. This movie should appeal to most.

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You should see the orginal 🙂

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