Presumed Innocent (1990)

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I really like Harrison Ford, and even though I realized I had already seen this movie after watching 10 minutes of it, I enjoyed it for the second time.

Starring Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Raul Julia, and Bonnie Bedelia, this movie is basically about how lust can destroy a marriage.

Ford is a prosecutor who, from the very beginning, is thrown into a murder trial of one of his fellow attorneys. But this is not just any case, but appears to be the rape of the head prosecutor for abuse and other heinous crimes. Not to mention, it is a happened to be one of Ford’s love interests for awhile.

As we get deeper and deeper into the story, all signs point that Ford is guilty. But it also seems like a setup. Dennehy is looking for a public election, and had insisted Ford take the case. But all of a sudden, is turning on him out of jealousy and Ford becomes the scapegoat, sacrificed for everyone else.

A great movie, a little slow at times, but it builds to the finale. Warning : Spolier Ahead – The movie is great for at least one reason, we find out that his wife is the killer. Smart and well thought out, jealous over Ford’s lustful fling with this woman, she murders her in hopes of taking her out of the picture, and sets it up to look like Rape. She knows from what Ford has told her of previous cases.

This came out right after “The Last Crusade” so Ford is still brilliant in this movie, and you may want to see it just for that reason. If you like thrillers that you don’t know how they will end, (but now you do), see this one. But, don’t watch it late at night, you may doze off.

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