Constantine (2005)

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This being a comic book movie, I had to see it. I wasn’t too nervous about it being stupid, because I had not basis to judge it on. But, I was nervous about Keanu Reeves. But this movie was really cool.

Keanu Reeves is Constantine, a man who can see demons, and basically uses that to banish them to hell. Then, by fate he runs into Rachel Weisz who is looking for answers into the mysterious death of her twin sister. The story escalates and we find that Weisz is a psychic who has repressed her ability to see demons and it takes Reeves converting back to find answers into the apparent suicide of her sister.

This movie is cool for a couple of reasons. I don’t watch what I would call “thrillers” all that often, but even thrillers usually deal with something evil, but it isn’t labeled explicitly “Hell”, instead labeled broadly as “Evil”. In this movie, coming from a faith background, it was interesting to see the interpretations of demons, hell, exorcism, and angels.

We get to see some horrifying imagery of what Hell may really be like. We get to see Gabriel with her majestic angel wings, and we get to see all sort of things of the “Occult” from going between the different planes, the tools to capture and exercise demons, and interesting interpretations of the physical forms of demons in bugs and just freaky monsters. Oh, and Satan is a perfect interpretation in human form.

This movie did not stray away from the bible either, with Reeves reading different sections of it, and other theories on a bible of Hell and lost scripture verses.

If nothing else, the two things about this movie that I loved. Reeves is believable as this character. You almost forget it is him in his mannerisms and speech.

Also, the theory of this movie is that the son of Satan cannot cross over into Earth in physical form unless he has the “Spear of Destiny”, with the blood of Christ from the cross. Gabriel helps Satan’s Son find it, because she is angry that God would forgive his flock so easy and get into heaven. Sin permeating a human mind and perception, very interesting.

Not for everyone, especially those un open minded Christians. But you may fear Hell more after seeing this, and there is plenty of action. Keanu Reeves is cocky, but by no means invincible like a Matrix movie. This movie really breaks ground visually on some of these age old concepts.

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