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I wouldn’t normally write about collected, debunk TV Series’, but everyone in my circle of friends is talking about this, so I took the time to gather some of my own thoughts.

A series written and created by Joss Whedon, who I knew through a comic he wrote called Fray, this is the story about 9 crew mates aboard the Serenity, a futuristic ship in a futuristic world set in space. Traders, thieves, and saviors, their pursuit of the almightily dollar to keep them alive puts them in all sorts of weird situations.

This series doesn’t star anyone you know. But is has been so popular in DVD sales, that there is going to be a movie released in September by the name of Serenity starring the exact same cast.

I enjoyed parts of this more than others, and overall I still feel a little lukewarm. I think that it was technically handled ok, but it does seem to focus on relationships and these relationships are always taking the back seat to the story. You never get close to any sort of climax with any of them, it is a cross between some WB drama and the backseat role characters take on a CSI show.

The movie, however, looks really cool. It focuses on two of the characters, refugees, a doctor and his sister. The doctor is a whitebread Harvard type who broke his sister out from government confinement where they were doing all sorts of weird experiments on her brain. I think the show can’t really get into how powerful she is, but we will see that in the movie as it focuses around them running away and trying to escape, and save her in the process.

If you are curious, I would say try them. I won’t guarantee anything. I probably wouldn’t watch but one or two episodes again, but like I said, I feel like I really know these characters now because of the great job Joss does of building them up, and I think that will add that much more to the movie.

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