Lemony Snicket’s – Series Unfortunate Events (2004)

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I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Turned off by how incredibly childish the Harry Potter Movies are, I watched this movie largely in part to see Jim Carrey. But soon I was taken in by the imagination and the life the story possessed.

The three Baudelaire children are orphaned in the beginning of the movie, and sent away to live with their peculiar and very evil uncle Count Olaf. They then exchange the hands of two other misanthrope relatives as Count Olaf chases them around in hopes of expiring them. Each time, the children are resourceful and witty enough to come out on top. My favorite child being Sunny, the little baby biter, and the increasingly funny dubbed over sounds that she makes throughout the movie.

Another role that was particularly fitting for Carrey, he isn’t over the top, but I imagine plays the part perfectly, as well as two other great disguises. But, this does have a distinctly Carrey feel, so if you enjoy his acting, check this flick out. But, I can’t really figure out who wouldn’t enjoy this movie, even just a little bit. If you don’t have an imagination, then pass. But the cool animals, the peculiar characters, and the “Hardy Boys” approach the children take to getting out of sticky situations is particularly entertaining.

Oh, and this series, blows Harry Potter out of the water.

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