Man of the House (2005)

Rothe Blog Man of the HouseFour Stars

This was a funny, enjoyable movie.

Tommy Lee Jones stars opposite five very self aware, cute college cheerleaders who witness a murder. As a result, he is charged with guarding them and keeping them hidden until he and the rest of his police unit can figure out who the killers are.

The movie is such a trip because Tommy Lee is a no-nonsense, lonely man who has forgotten how to interact with society, women, and even his daughter. (I know, what I would perceive to be a REAL stretch for his true persona) He is stuck watching over these girls who insist on dressing skimpy, talking big, and generally getting into a lot of trouble.

Watch this movie. I think there is a little humor in it for everyone, both of the sexes, but maybe not little kids. The penultimate part is when Lee goes off to the store to get “monthlies” for the girls. All you see is this enormous wall of products as tall and wide as the eye can see, and the camera switching back and forth to this dried up old man (Lee) with a painfully confused look on his face. He then asks another female character which ones to get, the regular ones or the ones with the wings. The delivery is priceless.

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