Night Shift (1982)

Rothe Blog Night ShiftThree and a Half Stars

Old but funny, this movie may be dated, but if you are a fan of Michael Keaton, he comes out in full swing in this movie.

Along with Shelley Long(Cheers) and Henry Winkler(Happy Days), this movie is about two guys who turn their night shift at the morgue into a prostitution ring. Now, that may sound really bad, but the movie stays on the surface of the dirtiness of the whole thing. Winkler lives next to Long, who is a hooker, and her pimp was just murdered. She and the rest of her friends are without a pimp, and Winkler is smitten with Long, so he offers to help them out.

Keaton is the brains behind the whole thing, and the driving force of the movie, as Winkler is a push over. Keaton is the jittery funny man who is throwing parties in the morgue, driving kids to their proms in a hurst, and slew of other really bizarre things.

Not exactly a family movie, but if you like Keaton this is a must. And of course, if you can overlook some of the content of the movie. I am a fan, and I hate old movies.

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