Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Revenge of the SithFive Stars

What a movie!

I had been waiting on this with wet dreams since last fall when we saw the first trailers. It does not disappoint.

I liked the first two new Star Wars movies. I like the technology, I like the battles, I like them for everything that Lucas wished he had back in the day, and is making up for now. Incidentally, the opposite is what people love the old movies for, and I believe that I am in the minority in liking the newer ones better.

But the second movie especially, had such forced dialogue, that it would have been better if it was solid action. This movie, that is not the case. The dialogue may not be the best, but it is believable and much less of a nails on a chalkboard effect then the last movie.

But the scenes in this one. The opening battle in space with all of the ships, the battle on the Wookie planet with the trees and the water, and all of the machines and characters, from General Grievous to the ships and Imperial attackers, everything was so amazing. The design, the texture, everything is so rich.

Then, you have this little thing called the story. You have empathetic characters that question what you would do in their situation.

Anakin becomes more powerful as the movie goes along, but he is seduced by the dark side only in hopes of saving Padme. Then we realize Senator Palpatine is Dark Sidious, and all of a sudden all of the Jedi are being killed, betrayed by their troops. The land is falling, and then Anakin is fighting Obi Wan on the lava planet of Mustafar.

It ties to the old movies so well, and you see the pain and suffering of Anakin as he falls and is badly burned, and then the ultimate transformation into Dark Vader. It is all so amazing.

This is the best movie of all six in so many senses. You have to see this. This is the best movie I have seen since Spiderman last summer.

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I too saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (at 12:01 am on opening day). I agree that it did tie together and resolve many questions. However, the biggest question that remains is “who is Anakin”s father”?

Due to editing and time, a lot of things were cut (hours according to Lucas). Although it is true that Dark Sidious mentions his Master”s ability to create life (off the cuff) during his conversation with Anakin it is never clear if Dark Sidious or his Master are Anakin”s father.

Who know”s it maybe still be on the cutting room floor. And for those of us who hate JarJar for creating this mess in the first place, we are sad to know that he is still living. Overall, I would agree with Jeff that is was definately more action packed than the second installment.

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