The Pacifier (2005)

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I’ll never watch this movie again. This was so damn dumb I was embarrassed for Vin Diesel, and felt bad for Brittany Snow in her first movie role off of “American Dreams”.

I like Vin Diesel. Great actor, no. But a fun action star with attitude. I thought this movie would be cute, big tough guy in the suburban setting like it was pitched in the previews. Hardly. Even the funny parts in the previews weren’t funny.

Heavy shouted dialogue was the norm for most of the cast in this movie, and the idea was so far fetched, that made the wait for some savior of a payoff even worse.

The basic idea, is that Diesel is undercover, trying to find this missile disabling technology. Everyone is out to get him, even the “Asian Spy” neighbors. Right.

Don’t see this, anyone. I was pissed that I spent two hours of my life on it, and glad I only paid $1 to watch.

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