Bandits (2001)

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Starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thorton, and Cate Blanchett this is the story of the “Over night Bandits”, or in other words, Willis and Thorton found the best way to rob a bank, is to kidnap the owner the night before and walk in before the bank opens and their are other people to account for.

Willis and Thorton escape from jail together in the beginning of the movie, an unusual pairing with Willis being a tough guy, and Thorton a obsessive compulsive. I have determined I either don’t like Thorton in anything since Slingblade, or I don’t like Obsessive’s other than Jack Nicholson in “As Good as it gets”. These two guys are bouncing all over the US, without an end in sight, a perfect plan that can’t be stopped until they accidentally kidnap Blanchett and both men fall in love with her. Things start to unravel, and they pull off one last heist to put them in the black for good.

What I liked about this movie was Blanchett, I haven’t seen in her a movie where she wasn’t a weirdo, instead she was desirable in this movie as a feisty, intelligent redhead. I also loved the ending of this movie, I did not expect it at all, especially after how most of the movie was told in one big flash back. The movie starts out pretty slow, but builds to a good ending and drama between the three characters.

An ok movie, if you like any of the cast, you might try this one. Not too vulgar or violent, this is a comedic movie, just don’t expect to be blown away.

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