Eurotrip (2004)

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One of the last recent stupid “college” type movies, I saw the unrated version of Eurotrip again on my trip to Charlotte. The first time I saw it by myself, and didn’t really enjoy it that much. It helps to see it with other people with a good sense of humor.

The movie is about a kid who gets dumped in a terrible way, and then finds out his penpal in Germany is a girl, not a boy. So he heads out with a friend to Europe to try to find this girl and get with her. The movie has small roles for Matt Damon and Kristen Kreuk as the evil girlfriend, and Michelle Tractenburg, and that is it. The movie has a silly guy, but he isn’t really that funny, and that is really what is missing in this movie, a crazy funny college guy that does anything. Most of the humor relies on painful and awkward scenes relating back to sex, like a drunk brother and sister making out, and a crazy sado scene in Amsterdam.

If you liked Road Trip, this is a lesser shell, with less depth, but has it’s own good qualities if you like these type of movies.

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