Hitch (2005)

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A truly funny and original movie. Will Smith and Kevin James are a more natural pair up then it would seem.

Will Smith plays “Hitch”, a dating doctor of sorts. He makes opportunities for his clients to be noticed by a woman that they are interested in. He then coaches them as how to treat them and keep them long term. Kevin James is an accountant who is in love with a celebrity socialite, and is one big clutz.

I haven’t ever seen Kevin James in a movie, but he does a nice job of toning down the over the top fat guy from his “Kind of Queens” to a believable and hilarious middle aged man without a clue. Eva Mendes (Smith’s interest) is an intelligent sexy girl who plays the guarded hurt girl that is unattainable. She does a great job, and this was one of her better roles, as “Stuck On You” was not. Oh, and she’s easy to look at.

As the movie nears the end, we find that Smith is not only trying to help guys with the opposite sex because of a scar he has from a past relationship, but that it also gives him the chance to be indirectly involved with a woman, without getting hurt. He is wary of letting women get to close, and although isn’t fake, has a certain persona that he holds during most of the movie.

Smith is the suave guy every man wishes he was, and Kevin James is the hope that any loser can get a great girl. A great movie, every person should see this one. The only reason that I didn’t give this one a full five is that the ends gets a little mopey and sloppy. It may have needed it, but the end seemed really cliche.

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