Hostage (2005)

Rothe Blog HostageFour and a Half Stars

Wow! This was one heck of a movie. Hostage, as you would get from the previews, has a dual meaning. Bruce Willis is a retired negotiator whose family is taken hostage so that he may negotiate the proper setting in a hostage situation with a family to help out your corrupt bad men.

Three boys on what seems like a joyride end up at a mountain side home of a rich man, and two of them decide to steal his car. But as it always happens, this escalated very quickly into something much more. Soon they were in the house, taking a family hostage, and then a cop checking on the house is killed and an alarming situation is taking place.

Bruce Willis, haunted by his past, haunted by the people he believes he has let die, is a sheriff in a small town. He gladly turns over jurisdiction on the hostage situation to state authorities. But then some corrupt men who need information out of the house take his family hostage and he is forced to take hold of the situation, and make sure that the area is secure until more evil men can arrive.

This movie is extremely violent. On the edge of your seat, nervous, I was never sure what was going to happen. One of the boys inside turns out to have some sociopath ic qualities and quickly becomes more than anyone can handle. Bloodthirsty and beyond creepy, Ben Foster really steps it up to make this character unbelievable, after his first couple of movie roles where he played wimpy characters.

Bruce Willis gives such an emotional performance, as does the whole cast, the whole thing seems a little to believable. An awesome movie, that is hardly a warm and fuzzy but more of a jaw dropper, if you can take the violence, this is a really sweet movie with an original story.

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