Road Trip (2000)

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A college movie that has such a nostalgic feel for me, we watched the unrated version on the ride home from Charlotte, which is just a touch more raunchy than the version I own. Starring Tom Green, Sean William Scott, and Amy Smart this movie is all about the plight of one stupid horny college kid. Josh (Breckin Meyer) has one adulterous night with a sexy girl (Amy Smart) and videotapes it. One of his roommates inadvertently mails it to his current girlfriend in Texas. 1800 miles away, they take a road trip to get the tape back, and have all sorts of crazy fun, with Sean William right in the middle, from jumping a river in a car, to hanging at an all black fraternity, to stealing a bus from a group of blind people.

A little embarrassed that I like this, but it was such a great movie for where I was at, and I would give it five of five, but I am not quite that bold. I just wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, especially my family.

I liked this movie then, and has held up well with ILM doing the special effects, what do you expect. Good family movie, a fun character created by Dave Stevens, who is pretty well known in the comic book world. Plus this is Connelly’s breakout role, and she is just a classic beauty you don’t find anymore.

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