Shall We Dance (2004)

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I spent a good part of this movie chuckling, it just left a lot of actions and scenes completely unexplained.

Starring Stanley Tucci, Richard Gene, Susan Sarandon, and Jennifer Lopez this movie has two intermingled small ideas that are actually of note. First, Richard Gene starts to take dance lessons and doesn’t tell his wife, because he is ashamed that he wants to be even more happy when he already has so much. Second, that people get married as a witness and promise to one another’s lives, that they will take note and care even about the most mundane of intricacies. From there on out, the intelligence of the movie falls flat.

Real quick, Gene takes up dance lessons, his wife hires inspector to figure out if he’s cheating, he hits on Lopez without success and still comes back to class only to have a steamy dance with her later on, and then he gets mad when the wifey finds out what he’s been doing on Wednesday nights. Everyone loves him for some reason, and we just assume that it’s because he is decent looking, and begs him to come back for one last time, to see Lopez as she goes away to dance in England.

I can objectively watch, and enjoy at times, a good chick flick. This was just a weird movie. Jennifer Lopez was weird, Susan Sarandon was overly mad about something kind of strange without any build-up, and Richard Gene did a couple of those trademark smile-blinks, and show head shakes that repeated every performance he’s made since Pretty Woman.

I would recommend this movie to people who want to see a movie with some good dancing, especially different ballroom dances. Jennifer Lopez looks really good when she dances. But although this movie has more meat than just dancing, it really is quite weird, and doesn’t much qualify as a chick flick. So, watch for dancing and not about much else.

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