Flight of the Pheonix (2004)

Rothe Blog Flight of the PheonixFour Stars

This was a solid movie. Some sparsely used stylized action, an awesome sequence of a desert storm, interesting information about what it would actually be like to be stuck in a desert and trying to survive, and an awesome acting performance by Giovanni Ribisi.

Other than Giovanni, this movie has Dennis Quaid, Tyrese, and Mirando Otto (Lord of the Rings fame) and a cast of good supporting standees. The Pheonix is one huge, chrome plated airplane that has a fateful voyage across the desert. With too much weight, the pilot Quaid cannot sustain flying up and over a sand storm as the plane crashes violently. Then the crew must decide on whether to hope of spotting rescue, or an outlandish plan to rebuild the plane by Ribisi’s specs with little to no water.

So many sub conflicts happen, between characters, nomads, and other problems in building the plane that this movie keeps your interest throughout. Ribisi’s role as an engineer who designs and builds planes is really interesting, confident and cocky, and a self preservist above all else, Ribisi is spooky and enthralling all at once. Quaid does a good job as the hard nosed hunky guy, but this is just like every other role he’s played in the last five years.

In the end, they build the plane and escape, even with the revelation that Ribisi designs toy planes for a living. This is a great movie that I recommend for all, action, drama, a tiny touch of love, and most important well placed supporting special effects.

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