Kill Bill Vol.2 (2004)

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I’ve been waiting to see this second part to Quentin Tarantino’s Kung Fu roots bloodbath two part series. In the first movie we see a bride killed at the alter with all of her wedding party by four assassins. She used to be an assassin, and was trying for a new life, but her former friends killed her in cold blood and now she is out for revenge. The first movie saw her kill two or three of the perps. Then at the end we find out that the baby she was carrying at the time of the event is still alive, and the guy who orchestreted it all, Bill, has her.

Vol. 2 was so much less campy violence, and more what I would call kung fu. There is a lot of slow sequences of back story, but they seem to be necessary for some point or another. Since Quentin was going for a certain effect, that is why the drama is drawn out. But this movie, two more people die, but not legions by a sword. A black mambo snake bites one guy in the face three times killing him, and another our lead character, the bride, Uma Thurman, kills by the exploding heart technique. She is the only assassin we find out that was taught this technique, and the whole group was taught by one teacher. Then there is one part that is kind of graphic, when Thurman plucks out the only good eye that Darryl Hannah has left.

So, Lucy Liu, Michael Madsen, Vivicia Fox, and others round out the cast for these two movies. It wasn’t a bad movie, I just wouldn’t watch it a bunch of times. But, there is one part that I have never seen before. Thurman gets buried alive, and you get to see her punch her way out of a flimsy coffin and dig herself out in a semi-humorous scene.

So, if you saw the first part you’ll like this. I can’t even say if you like Tarantino movies you’d like this, because he did such a different idea with these two movies that it’s not a guarantee you’ll see his old style here. But, it has some cool action scenes, so if you can handle campy over the top bloody violence, you may check these out.

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