Monster In Law (2005)

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Starring Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Wanda Sykes, and Michael Vartain, Monster In Law is the age old battle between new wife, and old mother, to win the affections of their son.

I don’t know why Wanda Sykes was in the movie, mostly as a black commentary in an all white cast, a kind of feel good corporate production thing. Both characters were over the top, Fonda with the crazy and solidifying any stereotype we may have of aging women, and Jennifer Lopez in her overly cute and innocent acting style. She never has anything different to say.

None the less, this movie is really funny. You don’t go for all that stuff instead, you go to ignore it, and think about how funny this would be, but not so much if it was you. From endless slapping, to sleeping in a platter of octopus, to swollen Lopez platypus lips, there are some classic scenes in this movie, with the perfect title to boot. Everyone should see this movie.

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