Paparazzi (2004)

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Starring Tom Sizemore, Daniel Baldwin, and Cole Hauser, this is a movie about some of the seediest of paparazzi, the harm they cause in one actors life, and what he does to get even. Produced by Mel Gibson, this is another hotspot topic, just not as great as Christ I suppose. The whole movie I was wondering how Bo(Cole) would be able to get his life back. The blackmail, the lack of regard for family and boundaries for these paparazzi. I left hating them, but I am not sure if that was Gibson’s intention, because Bo does some pretty terrible things to get even, killing with his own hands.

A touch violent, and not necessarily a movie you see for astounding acting, especially the over the top Sizemore, I would recommend this movie to most people, especially for them to see how he gets back at these jerks.

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